Division II: Arts and Culture

Division II "Art and Culture" comprises the following departments:

  • Department II/1: Visual arts, architecture, design, fashion, photography, video and media arts
  • Department II/2: Music and performing arts, art schools, general art matters
  • Department II/3: Film
  • Department II/4 - Protection of historic buildings and monuments, art restitution matters
  • Department II/5: Literature and publishing, libraries
  • Department II/6: Medals and awards, event management, special projects, digitisation
  • Department II/7: Cultural initiatives, folk culture
  • Department II/8: Investment management: Federal Theatres, legal matters
  • Department II/9: Investment management: Federal Museums and other legal entities
  • Department II/10: European and international cultural policy


The Austrian Federal Chancellery
Division II: Arts and Culture
Concordiaplatz 2
1010 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43 1 531 15-0
Telefax: +43 1 531 09-206809 (ext.)
Email: ii@bka.gv.at

Director General

Jürgen Meindl

Further information

More information is available in German: Sektion II: Kunst und Kultur.