Division III: Women’s affairs and Equality

Change of ministerial responsibilities

The division for “Women’s affairs and Equality”,which were allocated to the Federal Ministry of Health and Women's Affairs will be taken over by the Federal Chancellery on January 8th 2018. 

The Legal Basis for the change of responsibilities is "Amended Ministerial Law (in German: Bundesministeriengesetz) 1986", amended Act "Bundesministeriengesetz-Novelle 2017", BGBl. I Nr. 164/2017.

Bundesministeriengesetz (Amended act of January 8th 2018)


The Austrian Federal Chancellery
Division III: Women’s affairs and Equality
Ballhausplatz 2,
1010 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43 1 531 20-0
Web: Topics on Women’s affairs and Equality

Director General

Ines Stilling