The Chapel

The alter in the chapel © BPD/imb
The alter in the chapel

The Federal Chancellery even has its own chapel. What nowadays seems rather unusual was in the 18th century a common feature even in secular buildings. The altar is dedicated to St. John Nepomuk, the patron saint of the confessional secret.

In 1818 Clemens Wenzel Prince Metternich (1773–1859) had the ceiling of the chapel lowered. The space created in this way might have been used as a library. As a result, the altar had to make way for the lower model that we still see today. Metternich donated the original altar to the parish church of Gerasdorf in the Marchfeld. Unfortunately it is now lost.

Every 25 July, the anniversary of the death of Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss, who was murdered in the Federal Chancellery, there is a memorial service for deceased members of the Chancellery’s staff.