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Digital Agenda for Europe – Digital Single Market

The Federal Chancellery organizes the coordination measures required to implement the Digital Agenda

Change of ministerial responsibilities

The divisions "Digital Agenda and E-Government – Law, Strategy and International" and "Digital Agenda and E-Government – Program Management and Project Management", which were allocated to the Federal Chancellery, will be taken over by the Federal Ministry of Digital, Business and Enterprise on January 8th 2018.

The Legal Basis for the change of responsibilities is “Amended Ministerial Law (in German: Bundesministeriengesetz) 1986”, amended Act “Bundesministeriengesetz-Novelle 2017”, BGBl. I Nr. 164/2017.

The Content and Information remain available on this Website until their launch within the Website of the Federal Ministry of Digital, Business and Enterprise.

The European Commission issued a communication entitled A Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe on 6 May 2015. The strategy includes a range of measures to be implemented by the end of 2016. This communication is part of the Digital Agenda for Europe, one of the seven pillars of the Europe 2020 Strategy launched in 2010.

The Commission publishes a Digital Scoreboard every year and also organizes an annual Digital Assembly for Member States, EU institutions, business and civil society.

Further information

Further information is available in German: Digitale Agenda für Europa – Digitaler Binnenmarkt.