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Information on the Digital Archive Austria and the Austrian knowledge network Digital:Long-Term Archiving (Digitale:Langzeitarchivierung)

Digital Archive Austria

"No document may be lost, either today or tomorrow, and not in a hundred years either." After appropriate preparation, this basic principle is followed by the Digital Archive Austria - a storage system at two locations and a software based on the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) reference model.

The comprehensive use of the electronic file system in the federal administration also requires professional archiving. According to the Federal Archive Act, the Austrian State Archive is not only responsible for the orderly selection, takeover and storage of the electronic original file but also for the long-term (=permanent) legibility of the data. This is ensured by the setting up of a storage system, the Digital Archive Austria, and the corresponding software. In the interest of cost efficiency, a general licence was procured by the Federal Chancellery which makes it possible for all Austrian provinces, cities, municipalities and other public bodies to use this archive solution without their own tendering but with their own client.

Digital Long-Term Archiving knowledge network

Information is increasingly only available in electronic form. Preserving this information from all sectors of society in the long term for future generations is a key challenge for the information society.

The Austrian Federal Chancellery, Austrian State Archives and Austrian National Library jointly organize the activities of the Digital:Long-Term Storage knowledge network (Netzwerk Dig:LA).


Austrian State Archives (Österreichisches Staatsarchiv)
Deputy Director General Manfred Fink
Nottendorfer Gasse 2
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Österreichisches Staatsarchiv

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Further information is available in German: Digitale Langzeitarchivierung.