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National Reform Programme – Implementation of the "Europe 2020" Strategy

Each Member State report the status of implementation in a National Reform Programme (NRP)

The Heads of State or government agreed in March 2010, that each Member State is to define its own national target for each of the five headline targets and report the status of implementation in a national reform programme (NRP), which has to be presented annually in April simultaneously with the Stability or Convergence Programme.

National Reform Programmes

EU Member States must submit each year in April the National Reform Programme outlining the respective strategy for sustainable, smart and inclusive growth. In order to ensure that national structural reforms are consistent over time the Integrated Guidelines are the institutionally body for monitoring the agreed targets.

When drawing up the national reform programme the Austrian federal government is seeking for close involvement of the federal provinces, regions, municipalities as well as any relevant representatives of interest groups and stakeholders. The responsibility lies with the Federal Chancellery. As agreed under the Europe 2020 strategy the Austrian National Reform Programme informs on the key obstacles to growth, the political measures to address them and progress on implementation.

Integrated Guidelines

According the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) Member States shall consider their economic policies as a matter of common concern and shall coordinate them within the Council. In accordance with Treaty provisions, the European Union has developed and implemented policy coordination instruments in order to give precise guidance to the Member States in defining their National Reform Programmes.

The set of 10 guidelines address employment and broad economic policy issues in a coherent manner. The "broad guidelines for economic policies" (guideline 1 to 6) are intrinsically linked with the relevant guidelines for employment policies (guideline 6 to 10). The legal basis for the coordination of these policies is Article 121 TFEU (economic policy) and Article 148 TFEU (employment policy).

The current guidelines were adopted by the European Council in June 2010 and will remain unchanged through 2014. They give direction to Member States in shaping their economic and employment policies and aim to ensure that both, the EU and its Member States implement structural reforms which are consistent with each other.

Austria's National Reform Programme 2018