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Think Austria

Strategy Unit of the Federal Chancellor

Think Austria Team. BKA/Andy Wenzel

Think Austria is the new Strategy, Analysis and Planning Unit of the Federal Chancellor of Austria. Its main goal is to secure the future viability of Austria by providing policy solutions for mid- and long-term challenges.

Several countries have successfully established Strategy Units within their governments. Acting as an early detection system for global development, they enable policy makers to reach more sustainable decisions.

This is also the guiding principle under which Think Austria will operate. In particular, three operational areas will form the core of its work:

  • Radar into the future: By establishing a close cooperation with leading think-tanks and institutions on a global level, global trends and pressing issues shall be identified and pressing issues shall be identified and tackled at an early stage.
  • Effectiveness barometer: Impact assessment and impact analysis of policy measures will provide a reference base and concrete cases for government policy.
  • Pool of experts: We aim to learn from the best. Hence, Think Austria will create a global network of experts to provide policy makers with expertise and evidence-based solutions.

Given the interdisciplinary approach of Think Austria, a broad field of policy areas will be covered - ranging from economic and social policy over culture, education and the environment to issues related to foreign and security policy as well as digitalization.

Think Austria will assist the Federal Chancellor with evidence-based and objective policy proposals and act as an interface between civil society, academia, and politics.


Antonella Mei-Pochtler, Special Advisor to the Austrian Federal Chancellor

Antonella Mei-Pochtler, Special Advisor to the Austrian Federal Chancellor. Photo: BKA/Andy Wenzel

Antonella Mei-Pochtler is a renowned international strategy consultant with over thirty years of experience in working with leading companies and institutions across the globe. She has held many different leadership positions and has contributed to the creation and development of successful social enterprises in the education and global citizenship area. She is an Italian national and was born in Rom, Italy, where she went to the German school and studied in Germany and France. She is married to Austrian entrepreneur Christian Pochtler with whom she has three daughters.



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