Main content – Discover Europe offers a wide range of information to help you discover and explore Europe.

Europa aktuell – Europe today

Find out what's going on: what's happening in Europe and above all, why? The latest news section of Zukunft Europa provides objective and clear information and background details on topics affecting Europe.

Europa Aktionen – European initiatives

From "Europe at your school" to "Europe Umbrella", a raft of initiatives in Austria invite citizens to find out more about or to discuss Europe.

Europa kompakt – Europe in brief

Discover facts and debunk myths: Wie die EU funktioniert ("How the EU works") provides information about the history, Reform Treaty and Member States of the EU, while EU-Legenden und  Mythen ("EU Legends and Myths") takes a closer look at the truth behind a number of preconceptions (currently only in German).

Europa und Wir – Europe and we

provides information about our accession to the EU and the impact of EU membership on Austria.

Europa Services

Go there and get involved: are you looking for events, links or EU information brochures, or would you like to speak directly to EU experts? This section provides you with a host of information, contact details and tips.


Federal Chancellery, Federal Press Service
Department VII/5 and Department VII/2